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Weight Management

St. Jude Heritage Medical Group has introduced a highly effective weight management program designed to help you lose anywhere from 10 to over 100 pounds. Called Healthy Concepts, this state-of-the-art weight loss system offers a choice of diet options as well as every element needed for success: nutritionally balanced meals, vitamin supplements, coaching, education and if needed, medical supervision by a board certified physician who specializes in metabolic disorders.

Proven to create substantially greater weight loss than standard diets, Healthy Concepts uses nutritionally complete weight loss foods, including shakes, soups, nutrition bars and entrees. Unlike many diets, feeling hungry is not part of the program: instead, you eat the equivalent of five or more great-tasting meals a day.

This revolutionary program—unique in Orange County and Southern California—offers one-on-one education and mentoring to help you develop new lifestyle skills and healthier behaviors. Weekly classes and frequent monitoring offer support and encouragement.

Why Healthy Concepts can help you succeed:

  • Personalized to meet your specific needs and goals
  • Medical supervision by board certified metabolic experts to maximize your health and well-being at every stage of weight loss
  • Great tasting, nutritionally balanced meals
  • One-on-one education and mentoring as well as the camaraderie of group classes
  • Unique exercise classes designed specifically for Healthy Concepts participants and individualized for your needs
  • Effective maintenance program to ensure your continued progress

The impact of Healthy Concepts on your health and well-being can be dramatic. For example, diabetic patients are able to reduce their insulin needs by an average of 50 percent after just a few weeks. Similarly, a majority of patients with hypertension no longer need blood pressure medications. Other improvements include reducing cholesterol, decreasing joint pain and body aches, and increasing your energy.

Medical Monitoring

Anyone with health issues—or anyone planning to lose substantial weight – will receive a complete medical screening prior to starting as well as ongoing medical supervision to help ensure their success.

Rapid weight loss can affect blood pressure, vitamin levels, blood sugar, kidney function and a number of other health indicators—so medical supervision is important. Frequent check-ups allow us to monitor your health and maximize your well-being.

Exercise: the Healthy Concepts way

Healthy Concepts offers an innovative exercise program designed to increase your metabolic rate (which translates into higher fat-burning capacity). Led by physical therapists at the St. Jude Centers for Rehabilitation and Wellness, these conditioning, stretching and overall fitness classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of Healthy Concept patients. For those with physical limitations—such as knee, joint or back pain—a personalized program will be created to safely increase their fitness level.


Healthy Concepts offers two phases: initial weight loss and a follow-up maintenance program. Both phases of the program can be adapted to meet your individual needs.

The initial weight loss phase typically lasts a minimum of 13 weeks, with an average weight loss of 50-70 lbs. for men and 40-60 lbs. for women. After successfully reaching your weight loss goal, you will begin an 18-month maintenance program to help you continue your progress and learn to make healthy choices as you ease back into a normal diet.

Center for Health Promotion

We place high priority on creating healthy communities for our neighbors throughout Orange County and beyond. In keeping with this goal, the Center for Health Promotion provides a variety of programs and support groups to help patients and their families build and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

For registration, dates and times, please call the Center for Health Promotion:

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955 W. Imperial Highway, Suite 220
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