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Breast Care and Digital Mammography

We offer today's most advanced screening options, allowing us to screen and diagnose cancer and other breast conditions with improved accuracy.

Our commitment to safeguard your health begins with the newest digital mammography technology. Available at the St. Jude Breast Center, Diamond Bar and Yorba Linda medical offices, digital mammograms offer high resolution images and the ability to magnify or optimize fine details—providing the radiologists viewing options never before possible.

To aid in the fight against breast cancer, Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) is used to give specialists a critical edge. This sophisticated new diagnostic system alerts the radiologists to subtle warning signs. CAD provides a “second opinion” for the radiologist and provides an additional tool for the early detection of breast cancer.

If your mammogram results indicate follow-up is needed, we also offer diagnostic screening and breast ultrasound, as well as a comprehensive list of diagnostic services at St. Jude Medical Center’s Breast Center. This beautifully designed facility offers the newest advances in diagnosis and treatment, including: breast-specific MRI and stereotactic and MRI-guided biopsies.

By being able to diagnose cancer early—we’re able to treat it more effectively than ever before.

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