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Sport-Specific Injury Prevention

Want to prevent an injury from taking you out of the game? Sport-specific conditioning (often called “prehabilitation”) is one of the newest and most important trends in sports today – allowing you to reduce your risk of injury while also improving performance.

Every sport has common injuries, from knee injuries in soccer to shoulder injuries in baseball. Our prehabilitation program uses sport-specific exercises and drills especially designed to prevent those injuries and improve your game.

Whether you are a junior high student playing club sports or a professional athlete, our innovative sports-conditioning program can help you:

  • increase sport-relevant strength
  • maintain proper posture and position for joint motion
  • improve muscle stabilization
  • avoid at-risk positions
  • use muscle groups in sports-specific sequence
  • boost the efficiency of movement patterns essential to your sport
  • train high-velocity movements (plyometrics)

Call us to learn more about the competitive advantage prehabilitation can offer you.