Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Joint Replacement and Reconstruction

Joint deterioration from arthritis or injury can make even the simplest activities painful. Yet recent improvements in surgical techniques and technology are making joint replacement an increasingly popular and effective solution – allowing many to regain active, healthy lives.

Within St. Jude Heritage Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, you’ll find some of the nation’s leading experts offering today's most advanced joint replacement options. Having performed thousands of successful joint replacements, our surgeons’ expertise and experience allow them to individualize the procedure, technique and materials to fit your needs. In fact, our nationally respected surgeons are leaders in creating remarkable patient outcomes.

We're pleased to offer our patients the newest surgical approaches to joint problems, including:

  • minimally-invasive knee and hip replacement
  • partial knee replacement in which only the most damaged areas of cartilage are removed and replaced
  • total joint replacement for shoulder and ankle
  • shoulder and hip resurfacing
  • joint reconstruction surgery, including complex revision surgery
  • advanced arthroscopic techniques

Specialized Services

Partial Knee Replacement

At St. Jude Heritage you'll find highly experienced experts in total knee replacement as well as newer, minimally-invasive partial knee replacement. Unlike a total replacement in which all three compartments of the knee are replaced, a partial knee replacement removes only the damaged or diseased areas while preserving healthy bone and cartilage. This minimally-invasive resurfacing technique also preserves the tendons and ligaments around the knee. Ideal for those whose arthritis or knee damage is confined to a limited area, our surgeons are using this advanced technique to produce exceptional results, including a more normal knee motion, better range of movement and an accelerated recovery. Considered an outpatient procedure, partial knee replacement often requires only an overnight hospital stay.