Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Specialized Services

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

We’re pleased to offer a highly effective weight loss program designed to help you lose anywhere from 10 to over 100 pounds. Called Healthy Concepts, this state-of-the-art weight loss system offers a choice of diet options as well as every element needed for success: nutritionally balanced meals, vitamin supplements, coaching, education and if needed, medical supervision by our board-certified metabolic experts. Through St. Jude Medical Center’s state-of-the-art Centers for Rehabilitation and Wellness, the program also offers individualized physical activity and exercise programs.

Proven to create substantially greater weight loss than standard diets, Healthy Concepts uses nutritionally complete weight loss foods, including shakes, soups, nutrition bars and entrees. Unlike many diets, feeling hungry is not part of the program: instead, you eat the equivalent of five or more great-tasting meals a day.

Our program offers one-on-one education and mentoring to help you develop new lifestyle skills and healthier behaviors. Weekly classes and frequent monitoring offer support and encouragement.

The impact of Healthy Concepts on your health and well-being can be dramatic. For example, diabetic patients are able to reduce their insulin needs by an average of 50 percent after just a few weeks. Similarly, many patients with hypertension no longer need blood pressure medications. Other improvements include reducing cholesterol levels, decreasing joint pain and body aches, and increased energy. Find out more.

Diabetes Education

Our comprehensive and highly effective education program is successfully helping those with diabetes prevent or reduce complications as well as enjoy a more independent and higher quality of life. One of the county’s only programs to be certified by the American Diabetes Association, our four-week class offers critical information on dozens of topics: from how to adjust your insulin based on your blood glucose levels, to the importance of nutrition, whether cooking at home or eating out. Taught by Certified Diabetes Educators and Registered Dietitians, this class will give you the tools and information to successfully manage your condition.

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Clinical Trials

Our active involvement in promising clinical trials ensures we can offer patients improvements in medications and therapies without delay. Clinical trials provide the opportunity to try new treatments and receive ongoing monitoring and support.

To learn more about clinical trials, including what trials are currently open and the required criteria, click here. If you are considering participating in a clinical trial, begin by talking to your doctor.