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Virginia K. Crosson Cancer Center

Within the Virginia K. Crosson Cancer Center, you’ll find board-certified medical oncologists and hematologists devoted to just one cause: offering you lifesaving, life-changing care.

Our exceptionally-trained cancer experts combine their medical practice with advanced infusion capabilities—providing patients with ongoing research and the latest breakthroughs in biotherapy, chemotherapy and immunology. And because we’re part of St. Jude Medical Center’s comprehensive cancer services, we offer patients the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options in every area, including the latest improvements in radiation therapy and innovative surgical techniques.

In fact, the combined expertise of St. Jude Heritage Medical Group and St. Jude Medical Center has created one of Southern California’s finest cancer programs. With overall survival rates that exceed both state and national averages, we provide every advantage in the fight against cancer: from nurse navigators who support you through each step of care, to cutting-edge clinical trials that offer the newest and most aggressive treatments available anywhere.

Weekly conferences allow our entire treatment team—including fellowship-trained surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists and radiologists—to review each case, discuss treatment options and contribute their expertise. With a dozen different disciplines participating, these conferences ensure today's most successful concepts in cancer treatment are evaluated and applied.

And because cancer’s toll is not just physical, but mental and spiritual as well, St. Jude Medical Center offers a comprehensive list of innovative services—from yoga classes to support groups and nutrition counseling —to help our patients cope with the challenges of diagnosis and recovery.

The quality of our cancer services was recently evaluated by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer (CoC)—the accrediting body for the nation’s cancer programs. Earning one of the nation’s highest scores, St. Jude Medical Center was distinguished with a three-year Accreditation and presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award—an honor received by only 15 percent of the 1350 programs surveyed.

Breast Cancer Care

Our patients have access to a state-of-the-art breast center exclusively devoted to the screening and diagnosis of cancer and other breast conditions. Here, a multispecialty team of medical experts—from diagnostic radiologists to breast surgeons—are using the newest approaches to safeguard women’s health.

State-of-the-art technology—including breast–specific MRI—is used by highly trained radiologists who specialize exclusively in breast imaging. In an area where expertise often depends upon experience, our specialized experts offer a critical edge.

And because we’re diagnosing cancer earlier—with fewer delayed or missed diagnoses—we’re able to treat it more effectively than ever before, putting us at the forefront of ensuring women’s well-being. In fact, we offer board-certified, fellowship-trained breast and reconstructive surgeons, ensuring we can offer women the latest options in successful treatment.

We offer the newest advances in diagnosis and treatment, including:

  • Digital mammography
  • Sophisticated computer-aided detection software (works as a second pair of eyes, marking “areas of interest” on the film)
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI (the most precise imaging tool available)
  • Advanced biopsy techniques, including stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI-guided biopsies
  • Minimally-invasive, breast-saving surgery

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call (714) 446-5650.

Clinical Trials

Groundbreaking research and clinical studies are creating new breakthroughs in cancers once thought insurmountable. These trials offer some of the newest and most aggressive treatments available, allowing us to put the promise of tomorrow into action today.

Our partnerships with the nation’s top cancer research facilities—UCLA, City of Hope and the National Cancer Institute—ensures our patients are involved in the most exciting research available today.

For more information, call our Oncology Research Office at (714) 446-5642 or our UCLA Research Coordinator at (714) 446-5804.

Diagnostic Imaging Center

Exceptional care starts with leading-edge diagnostic and imaging options, allowing doctors to find and treat cancer with exceptional accuracy and precision. The imaging center offers the newest and most exciting developments in cancer imaging today, including:

  • Integrated PET/CT scans
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), including Breast MRI
  • High speed, multi-slice CT scans
  • Digital radiology

One of the most dramatic improvements in diagnostic imaging is integrated PET/CT scans. By combining two sophisticated technologies—positron emission tomography (PET) and high-speed, multi-slice computer tomography (CT)—into one system, it provides extraordinary opportunities for detecting cancer early, determining the extent of cancer present and assessing treatment success.

This leading-edge technology allows radiologists to see both metabolic and anatomical information together in one image. And with cancer, being able to see the whole picture instead of just part of it, is an important advantage. For more information call (714) 447-6400.

Infusion Center

Within the Virginia K. Crosson Cancer Center, a beautifully designed Infusion Center offers the highest standard of patient comfort and safety, including programmable pumps with SMART Technology and the convenience of having your oncologist just steps away.

Within this attractive, peaceful setting, patients find comfort in knowing that during their treatment, their physician is just steps away, and an experienced, caring staff is there to support them and their families through this journey. For more information call (714) 446-5900.

Radiation Oncology

By combining some of Southern California’s most respected radiation oncologists with today’s newest technology, patients are treated with more precision, better outcomes and fewer side effects. Board-certified radiation oncologists offer the most successful treatments in use today, including:

  • Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation using SAVI, Contura and Mammosite devices for breast cancer
  • High-precision radiotherapy using state-of-the-art Intensity-Modulated and Image-Guided technology
  • Sophisticated 3D treatment planning, featuring computer-guided simulation to precisely control the amount of radiation during treatment
  • Brachytherapy (radioactive implants) for prostate and gynecological cancers
  • Prostate seed implantation

We also offer a facility designed especially for your comfort and convenience, as well as a staff—including physicians, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, physicists, nurses and social workers—who are committed to doing everything possible to help you heal: physically, emotionally and spiritually. For more information call (714) 446-5632.


For many, surgery is a vital part of their cancer treatment—one that can speed their recovery and improve their chances for a healthy future. Yet cancer surgery can often be complex and technically demanding, making it important to find the highest level of expertise and experience.

You'll find it here. At St. Jude, we offer some of Southern California's most respected surgeons specializing in the successful removal of a wide range of cancers. Our expertise ranges from today's newest minimally-invasive and laparoscopic techniques, to the most complex procedures. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons offer the latest approaches in breast-saving surgery. We also offer a fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon to help patients improve their regain functionality and appearance following cancer.

Support Services

Cancer’s toll is not just physical, but mental and spiritual as well. We offer a variety of compassionate, innovative services to help patients and their families cope with the demands of treatment.

Clinical Social Worker
Healing Touch
Home Health Care
Hospice Care
Lymphadema Services

Nurse Navigators
Pain Management
Palliative Care
Registered Dietitian
Spiritual Care
Support Groups
Yoga for Cancer Health

An oncology clinical nurse specialist provides critical education and treatment support to patients. Our nurse specialist helps with clinical issues, such as pain management strategies and coordination of care, serving as a valuable resource to patient and families through each stage of treatment and recovery. For more information, call (714) 446-7182.

Nurse Navigators are available to offer support and education through every step of diagnosis and treatment. In addition to helping with clinical issues, such as coordination of care and symptom management, our nurse navigators help ensure each patient has the resources and support to successfully recover.

  • Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator: (714) 992-3000 ext. 5367
  • Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator: (714) 992-3000 ext. 5365
  • Gastrointestinal and Urinary Cancers Nurse Navigator: (714) 446-7182
  • Nurse Navigator (all other cancers): (714) 446-5123

Our registered dietitian provides nutritional advice to help patients prevent weight loss, manage treatment side effects, and maintain their strength and energy levels. For more information, call (714) 992-3000 ext. 5982.

Clinical social workers address the emotional and social concerns of patients before, during and after treatment. This ongoing support and intervention helps patients cope with problems exacerbated by illness, including financial, employment and insurance issues. For more information, please call (714) 992-3000 ext. 2299.

Certified therapists offer complete lymphedema services, from Comprehensive Decongestive Therapy (CDT) to help with skin care and adapting daily activities. For more information, call (714) 992-3000 ext. 2985.

Spiritual care services minister to patients and families of all religious faiths 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services include visitation, counseling, intervention, prayer, sacraments and bereavement counseling. For more information, call (714) 992-3000 ext. 3810.

St. Jude Heritage Medical Group pain management specialists treat pain associated with cancer. Our fellowship-trained physicians are experts in pain management and anesthesiology, and offer the most innovative and effective treatments in use today. Unlike many programs which focus exclusively on medications, our pain medicine physicians provide the entire spectrum of care, from non-invasive options—such as customized physical therapy and nerve blocks—to the newest minimally invasive interventions. For more information call (714) 446-5200.

For patients with life-limiting conditions, Palliative Care offers compassionate medical care that focuses on comfort and relief of pain or other symptoms. While all other appropriate medical treatments may continue, the palliative care team—including advance practice nurses, social workers, chaplains and other professionals—work to improve a patient’s quality of life. By helping alleviate a patient’s physical, psychological, spiritual and practical burdens, palliative care gives patients a sense of control and allows them to live life more fully. For more information, please call 714) 992-3000 ext. 6341.

Support groups offer emotional support and information to patients and families experiencing cancer. These groups include Girl Talk, a breast cancer support group, and HOPE for Cancer Patients & Caregivers. A complete list of support groups and their meeting times is available by calling (800) 870-7537.

Compassionate hospice care is offered to terminally ill patients and their families by a caring team of registered nurses, chaplains, social workers, and especially trained volunteers. Tailored to each patient’s needs and wishes, the team’s efforts focus on pain management and providing emotional and spiritual support. On-call care and services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (714) 712-9559 for more information.

Rehabilitation services are available during and after treatment. A multidisciplinary team, ranging from physical therapists to speech pathologists, are available to help patients maximize their comfort and regain skills. For more information, talk to your doctor.

Home health care brings skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapies, and treatment options to the comfort of a patient’s own home. Call (714) 992-3000 ext. 2551 for more information.

Complementary therapies are also available, including:

  • Healing Touch is a gentle, noninvasive therapy that supports the body’s natural healing process by restoring balance within the body’s energy system. Many cancer patients find healing touch to be helpful in relieving treatment side effects and reducing anxiety. This free service is available by calling (714) 992-3000 ext. 2937.

  • Yoga for Cancer Health is designed especially for cancer patients and focuses on improving each patient’s general well-being and energy level. For dates and times of this free class, please cal l(877) 459-3627.

  • Man's Best Friend Therapy offers hospitalized patients the comfort and companionship of spending time with man’s best friend. Research indicates that dogs increase a patient’s emotional well-being while reducing anxiety and depression. For more information, please call Volunteer Services at (714) 992-3000, ext. 2878

Cancer Resource Library

Our Walk Among the Stars Resource Library offers the most current and accurate information on cancer treatments, outcomes and new developments. Offered in partnership with the American Cancer Society, our Resource Library provides free Internet access to numerous cancer resources, current medical journals, relaxation and motivational tapes, as well as books chosen as among the best loved by cancer survivors.

Staffed by trained volunteers, many of whom are cancer survivors, the library is a valuable resource for patients as well as the entire community. Located in the St. Jude Medical Plaza, inside the Virginia K. Crosson Cancer Center, the Resource Library is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (714) 992-3000 ext. 5617 for more information.

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